Packwise' participation in the Step USA program

Sarah Alexander
By Sarah Alexander on 16 May 2022 | 1 min read

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New cooperation revolutionizes logistics industry

Swedish high-tech company Acconeer supports German Start-up Packwise The interaction of two innovative solutions will open up new possibilities in container logistics in the future. The..

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Packwise Marketplace is launched! – Interview with the developers

For the launch of Packwise Marketplace we talk to the developers René Bernhardt and Felix Weger. What exactly does Packwise Marketplace represent, what are its advantages and will it be further..

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StartupValley News shows with Packwise the important role of team communication

Gesche Weger reports in StartupValley News how the idea for Packwise came about. Together with René Bernhardt and her husband Felix, she founded Packwise GmbH in 2017 with headquarters in Dresden.

By Sarah Alexander on 29 April 2019

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