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Packwise Webinar together with BASF

The FECC Digital Days, hosted by the European Chemical Distributors Association, took place in early March. This was an opportunity for FECC members to present solutions and platforms that show how..

By Malek Wolf on 22 March 2023

Scouting DD Tour of TU Dresden at Packwise

Last week, we welcomed a dozen international students from the Technische Universität Dresden, who went on an excursion through various IT companies as part of the Scouting DD Tour, a funded project..

By Sarah Alexander on 22 March 2023

Christmas Party at Packwise!

Christmas Party at Packwise!The Packwise team came together yesterday for our Christmas party. After a short round at the Loschwitz Christmas market, we went together on the funicular  to Luisenhof..

By Sarah Alexander on 16 December 2022

Silent changeover of the Packwise infrastructure

Over the last few months, Packwise has undergone a significant change in its server infrastructure and data transmission.The aim was to achieve better efficiency and energy savings in the..

By Rene Bernhardt on 8 December 2022

5 years Packwise - 5 Jahre teamwork

It's Packwise's birthday! In October 2017, Packwise was founded by Gesche Weger, Rene Bernhardt and Felix Weger. On a trip to the Dresdner Heide (almost) the whole team came together to celebrate and..

By Sarah Alexander on 7 October 2022

TAG24 about the clever invention Packwise Smart Cap

Online magazine TAG24 describes Packwise's smart IoT solution, the Packwise Smart Cap, as an efficient way to "reinvent the container". The current article describes the functionality as well as the..

By Sarah Alexander on 6 October 2022

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