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Packwise in the ARD-Tagesschau on 30.11.2020

Sarah Alexander
By Sarah Alexander on 7 December 2020 | 1 min read

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ARD-Tagesschau article „Wenn Container mitdenken“ about Packwise

As part of the German government’s 2020 Digital Summit, the ARD Tagesschau published an article on Packwise’s innovative industrial application in the digital supply chain.

By Sarah Alexander on 8 December 2020

Panel discussion with Packwise founder Gesche Weger at the High Tech Venture Days 2020

The annual High Tech Venture Days (HTVD) are based on the idea that investments serve to build companies. The platform, which focuses on patent-based technologies for B2B applications, brings..

By Sarah Alexander on 10 November 2020

Keynote by Packwise founder Gesche Weger at the launch event of the IQ Innovation Award 2021

On November 25, the IQ Innovation Award 2021 was launched at a digital kick-off event.

By Sarah Alexander on 1 December 2020

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