Packwise goes Messe

Sarah Alexander
By Sarah Alexander on 3 June 2022 | 2 min read

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„Logistik Heute“ about the packaging revolution in the logistics industry

Logistik Heute, the trade magazine covering procurement, production, distribution and disposal, provides an overview of the latest developments in the start-up world of the logistics industry.

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Team trip to Prag

Within the last two years our team has grown a lot. Many new faces and exciting personalities became part of the Packwise family. With the spread of the coronavirus, work has increasingly been done..

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Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) – From packaging to autonomous worker

Beginnings of the IBC In 1992 an employee of Dow Corning S.A. from Midland (Michigan) was looking for a new solution to store liquids and powders more efficiently. We are talking about Olivier J...

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